Space Leaders Summit

Plan to extend your stay and explore

Do you plan to come a few days early, or stay a few days longer after the Space Leaders Summit?

Pasadena and Los Angeles have been global tourist destinations, and a home to adventurers and paparazzi, for decades. From the cool coastal Pacific waters, to the reigning mountains, and Hollywood itself, your bound to find a reviving and exciting way to spend a few extra days!

If you plan to extend your stay and explore, here are a few things to do: 

1) Hike the San Gabriel Mountains

If you’ve been to East coast and the West coast of the United States, you know the vast difference in size, foliage, and color between the ranges. The highest point in The Appalachians is 6,684 feet at Mount Mitchell, while the highest point in the The San Gabriel Mountains is 10,069 feet at Mount San Atonio, or “Mount Baldy.”
That’s almost TWO MILES HIGH!

The San Gabriel Mountains comprise a significant part of the Angeles National Forest,

one of nine California based United States National Parks, and of 424 nation wide. Fondly referred to as “LA’s backyard,” it’s considered an “urban” national park and offers 557 miles of hiking and equestrian trails!

2) Tour Hollywood

Practically everyone has seen a picture or a movie with the famous “Hollywood” sign. Now’s your chance! Hop on Lake Hollywood Drive, and snap a selfie!
Of course, you could also take a real tour offered at the link above. 

3) Drive to The Pacific Ocean 

It is one of the most astoundingly scenic roads in the world, meant to be traversed slowly while gasping at the mountains, towering trees, and expansive beaches.

4) Visit the Rose Bowl Stadium

The Rose Bowl Stadium just celebrated 100 years in 2022. It’s home to NFL and college football, National Hockey League, and Major League Soccer games, world touring concerts, and … flea markets …You can also book a public tour at various times throughout the year, or a holiday tour in late December.  

5) Griffith Observatory

You traversed deep space (in theory) for four days. Now, observe it for yourself. The Griffith Observatory offers a planetarium view like no other. The Samuel Oschin Planetarium allows you to view the expanses of the Universe and the microscopic building blocks of life. There are 60 exhibits exploring the skies, and the largest urban municipal park in the US. T

The golden state undoubtedly has so much to offer. So why not soak up the inspiration after a productive weekend of planning an incredible future. The Summit is a once in a life time experience and opportunity, and its well worth the effort (so are a few extra days in Cali).