Space Leaders Summit


The Nebula Space Enterprise, Inc. Space Leaders Summit’s three major goals: 

  1. To help provide humanity access to deep space  and infinite resources .
  2. To inspire, inform and equip executives and entrepreneurs to take on the Space Industry for the betterment of our nation and humanity.
  3. To connect industry leaders with future leaders in the space industry.

The summit panels, discussions, masterminds, and networking sessions are designed for space executives and entrepreneurs to learn in four days, what took their predecessors decades to learn.

A strong concept, a thorough understanding of the industry, and a powerful network are essential. The Space Leaders Summit wants to ensure you succeed by providing everything possible. Vet your ideas, evaluate your opportunities, challenge your thinking, and develop a feasible plan with people who have and are really doing it. 

Nebula Space Enterprise is founded by visionary and CEO, Michael Bloxton, and co-founded by global tech executive and Nebula CSO, Peter Stridh.

They are joined by a world renowned leadership team and advisory board.  Stephanie Koster serves as CFO (Blue Origin), Trent Martin as Distinguished Technical Fellow (NASA), Lt. General Steven Kwast, USAF (RET), Lt. Col. Pete Garretson, USAF (RET), Dino Lorenzini, and others.

Nebula’s Phase 1 is comprised of six sister companies: Nebula Compute, Nebula Blockchain, Nebula Cybersecurity, Nebula Space Systems, Nebula Incubator, and Nebula Media.

Nebula Compute, Nebuchain, and Nebucyber are currently working towards a payload launch from the International Space Station this year. Nebula Compute will put data centers in space. Nebula blockchain offers a variety of secure technology products, and Nebula Cybersecurity provides threat intelligence in the space domain.

Nebula Incubator is committed to solving space tech problems by challenging new technological advances and incubating thebusiness. The idea is, the more people we have working to solve the biggest problems, the more successful humanity will be in leveraging space for Earth and achieving stable placement in space.

Nebula Media is a creative space media agency, servicing the Nebula brands and communicating their vision, as well as building a bridge for humanity to understand  and find their place in space through creative vision and relevant content.

Nebula Space Enterprise hopes to offer everyone a way to participate in space.
The Space Leaders Summit is designed to empower those who want to lead that charge.